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Bobby Bish

Bobby Bish
Bobby Bish
Bobby Bish
I dreamed about you, Bobby Bish
I fantasised of you, Bobby Bish
You were my lover, Bobby Bish
You were my man-whore, Bobby Bish
So many angsty adolescent masturbations, Bobby Bish
So many duct-popping dry tears of frustration, Bobby Bish
So many grey school shorts erections, Bobby Bish

You showed your bum to our third-form lunch-time hang-out group, Bobby Bish
Was it for me, Bobby Bish
It instigated so many masturbations, Bobby Bish
You have no idea, Bobby Bish
How I longed for you, Bobby Bish
Your floppy hair, Bobby Bish
Your soft, smiling face, Bobby Bish
Your bum, Bobby Bish, you showed us again, lunch-time, in classroom, slapping in punctuation
Oh, how I stared, Bobby Bish
How I reached out to touch in my mind, Bobby Bish
I wanted all of you, Bobby Bish
My pubescent 13-year-old body, Bobby Bish
Would I know how to touch you?
Would we shower together, Bobby Bish
Entangle our hair, Bobby Bish

Form two you singled me out for playful teasing, Bobby Bish
I did not mind one bit, Bobby Bish
Next year shared form class, and Bobby Bish & I friends, suddenly
Smoking first cigarette with you, Bobby Bish, beneath Wanganui city bridge
Were we ever alone, Bobby Bish
Whence fourth came your insinuations, Bobby Bish
Chris and I go out & fuck women together. And when there's no women, we fuck each other.”
Oh yes, Bobby Bish, if only it were true
Still makes me hard, Bobby Bish
Still makes me wonder, Bobby Bish
If 13 was not our median friendship age
What then, Bobby Bish?

In Wanganui, aged 22, twice, I say, ashamed, I saw you,
Bobby Bish, from a distance
Bobby Bish, your girlfriend?
I ran away, Bobby Bish, terrified
Bobby Bish, it never went away
Ten years, Bobby Bish

Bobby Bish, shaved his gish, beautiful blonde soft
Bobby Bish, my adolescent bliss
When will it shift, Bobby Bish
When will you pay out on promise to show me your dick,
Bobby Bish?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I came.

Chris Kirk said...

Thank you. Quite a compliment.

Anonymous said...

still horny

Chris Kirk said...

I am pleased that my writing is having such a physical and inspirational effect on you. It left you unsatisfied though?

Anonymous said...

Still yearning

Anonymous said...

Hotter than ever.