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Scam of Abundance

 Focus family! I am deeply humbled to invite you to participate in a very spiritual fractal exponential Divine Family, co-creating a mandala of abundance with sacred geometry and community. Together in unity we will embody each of the elements on an infinite journey of dream-weaving in surrender and abundance, giving unconditionally to a sacred economy to support each other in manifesting our dreams.

This spiritual journey of sacred infinite abundance begins with embodying the element of fire, flirting with the law of attraction, and along with seven other immortal souls, sending an unconditional gift of $US1440 to the divine being embodying water in the centre of our sacred mandala of abundance, overflowing with generosity from the eternal chalice within your heart.

Our mandala then splits in two and you syncronistically flow into embodying the sacred element of air, blowing over the sacred landscape of our collective activated heartspace by inviting two sacred yes beings who resonate with the magnificence of our collective vision to join our family of love and light and financial abundance, making sure your sacred breath supports our 16 new fires, eight in each mandala, to make their unconditional gifts of $US1440 each to each of our new sacred water beings and keeping our mandalas inflated and aerated.

Flowing in divine grace into the embodiment of the element of earth as our two mandalas become four, you will channel the energy of our beautiful Pachamama to ground our connected family, helping ensure 32 new members join and each unconditionally gift $US1440 so we all may advance.

Having moved through each of the elements week by week in harmony with the cycle of our divine moon you will experience fullness and completion as you finally embody the most sacred and precious of all elements, water. In the centre of one of the eight unique and special mandalas, as the heartbeat of the loom, as the inspiration for our family, the positive love-light that illuminates us all, the most spiritual and sacred of all utterly deserving beings, you will receive the abundance of eight of our 64 overflowing new fires and their unconditional gifts of $US1440 totalling $US11,520 to spend on the manifestation of your most transcendent dreams of infinite abundance. Your ego will dissolve as you allow yourself to surrender to receiving such infinite abundance.

I know what you must be thinking: How can a system based on the need for infinite exponential growth, if the number of people must double every time we move to a new level, if before we get to the end of the tenth mandala we must involve more than twice as many people as exist on earth, possibly bring abundance to everyone? Surely it will collapse at some point, as all things do and all the people who have not yet entered the centre of the mandala will feel disappointed and cheated? That's exactly the point. It's not you that is asking that question, it is your trauma-based fear of abundance, it is your negative need to perpetuate the scarcity mindset you have been taught. It just shows that your heart is beyond closed. Yes, it's a pyramid scheme, but isn't everything a pyramid scheme these days, isn't our whole economic system based on those in the centre taking from those on the outside without having really done anything to earn that money? If you go into this sacred sacred pyramid loom mandala scheme consciously, with good intentions, how can it possibly be bad?

It is important that you enter our divine family in full awareness that when you make your generous gift you may not receive anything in return, and that when you invite others to join, they may never receive the abundance they deserve in return for their trust and commitment. But that's the point. You are deciding in blind faith to trust the flow of abundance, a deeper connection with community, creatively weaving a supportive web of abundance for some; you are feeling a sacred yes, you are committing, you are surrendering. There is no real good or bad, everything is about intentions, and our intentions are definitely good.

Yes, 960 people must be involved for all the people who paid you to get paid, it is mathematically impossible that it works for everyone, but maths is not going to advance your soul towards enlightenment, only the unconditional belief of everyone. Let's step into our hearts again and stop letting fear ruin our heartspaces. There is no true or false, only different perspectives. If you have no fear-based negative expectations then how can you be disappointed? If you are stuck in the conditioned mindset of tangible limits I invite you to think and feel into the infinite. Allow yourself to grow beyond the tangible into the spiritual and you will experience infinite abundance for eternity. Love and light, family, love and light.