Naked and spectacular

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to God's perfect Darkness [thank you, Allen Ginsberg] [thank you, my triangle]

Death be upon us all in the realisation of our karma
Death be upon us all in the leap of faith into dangerous depths of love
Death be upon us all in the consequences of our bodies
Death be upon us all in the recurring dream of our denial
Death be upon us all as we linger frightened for lifetimes on the precipice of our inevitable completion
Death be upon us all in the transcendence of our perfection from the materiality of time
Death be upon us all in the mercy of an unforgiveable failure
Death be upon us all in the blessing of our forgiveness of others

Death be upon us as the harsh truth of necessity
Death as the change that saves us
Death the abandonment of generations of accumulated hatreds
Death as the swept-away invigoration of the River of Life
Death, the Gatekeeper of Infinity

Death, the answer to every question
Nature's perfect restoration of balance
The god of mercy and transformation
The baptism of fire
The world we've dreamed of in fear and unbearable yearning from birth
The debunking force of every human cosmology
The dusk at the end of every day
My greatest fear and hope
The only solace we can rely on

Death be upon those who fear it the most
Death be upon those who choose it in their sad lives
Death be upon those whose bodies cannot contain the intensity of life
Death be upon those exhausted at the completion of a necessary task
Death be the blessing of a Culture long-gone-wrong
Death be the triumph of those whose natural integrity have alienated them from their own culture
Death be the Apocalypse we've all been praying for

Death be not the beast in the darkness with which we threaten each other
but the gift at the completion of Hope, the completion of Karma, the fulfillment of the wholeness of this moment