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Three nights as a Stockholm hobo for Leonard Cohen

Chris Kirk spent three nights on the street of Stockholm in order to enjoy a free Leonard Cohen concert.  The concert was free because he held up a bi-lingual sign: "Gratis biljett tack free ticket please" and got laughed at by many people and a finally a free ticket from two lovely old ladies who were delighted to have a young man from New Zealand sitting next to them.  The accomodation was free because he slept in the park by a wise old tree that promised to protect him and did protect him.  However Leonard Cohen, promising that him and his band would give it everything they have, played for 3,5 hours and Chris's bag and tent were therefore trapped in Cityterminalen and he had to wander around the public transport centre all night.  It was worth it for a perspective on Stockholm that most people never get.  However, after so many beautiful open people in and around the European Rainbow Gathering in Finland it was rather hard to find himself without a friend in the capital of Scandinavia.  He spent one night wandering around in the rain and crying for the companions who love him and the homes that they have shared in the past and will share again in the future.  Sometimes even a beautiful old tree in a tiny park can be company, and Chris claims he never got lonely when he was with that tree.  Wandering around a city for three days with no friends and no money offers some delightful small pleasures, like finding a beautiful young man playing the accordion at 03.30 as the Cityterminalen reopens and ones bags again become available; like almost crying at the tragedy of modern civilisation at a free photography exhibition at Kulturhuset by Jens Assur; like leaving the park after a wonderful hobo sleep to be treated like a VIP at the beautiful underground Cafe Mineur; and the sad and beautiful reminder that so many beautiful people who love me open and share their homes with me and most nights I am allowed to reside in warmth and companionship in these shared homes.