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The end is nigh again

It seems the end is nigh again and some people are curious and some people are convinced and some people are scared. My brother is building a bomb shelter and I am sure I will be welcome there. However, unlike the terror of the Y2K disaster I don't think the world is going to end this time. On the contrary, I don't think the world exists. You may not believe me, and this is a good thing. Do not believe me. I do not know anything. But hear me out. We have built so many artificial structures in which to house our insecurities and accumulations and so-called civilisation that the world in which we live can indeed be considered non-existent. This may mean you are actually asleep, it may simply mean you need to find a way of reassessing from a different perspective what you consider to be "real". Personally, I am not building a bomb shelter to protect my CD and DVD collection; or even to protect my body. I'll be fine. I might die, of course, but I will be fine regardless of what happens. Of course if I die I certainly won't mind, but I am under the impression, mistaken or otherwise, that any change will be for the better. The bigger the change, the better the results. I am prepared for any eventuality. This is my symbolic bomb shelter. I don't need a physical hole to cower in because I have created of myself and my life a state in which I don't rely on anything tenuous like the economy or electicity. I feel like I will find a way of eating, sheltering and connecting with people in any type of situation. And if not I'll just die. No big deal. Being able to move, both physically around the world and amongst different people and cultures makes me feel like any post-apocalypse, post-economy, post-government, post-driving around world will actually be more exciting and challenging than the one I am living in at the moment, which I don't mind at all. The current world isn't bad. But it could only get better if all these structures that limit our behaviour crumble due to unsustainable practices like building high towers and exploiting the third world (who may actually be just as intelligent as us despite their lack of education). In my utter arrogance and intellectual independence I have compiled a list of ten suggestions for preparing yourself for the impending eschaton: 1. Share food. 2. Do not engage with conflict. 3. Love and respect all forms of life equally. 4. Do not watch television or follow "the news". 5. Engage with your environment. 6. Be entirely selfish, with every action serving to benefit your whole self. 7. Listen to your body. Give it the food it needs, rather than what you think you are addicted to. 8. Drink water; listen and express yourself frequently. 9. Love yourself and by extension everything that surrounds you to a distance of infinity in every direction. 10. Do not do anything you do not want to do, regardless of who suggests it. If you follow these suggestions, commandments we could say, you will or will not be prepared when that date inevitably comes around and something or nothing inevitably happens. Love Chris