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Relationships and shit

I am in love with someone who does not seem to be in love with me, so I attempting to transfer my love to another beautiful person in the vicinity. This so far has not been successful. This person has told me that he loves me too, but that he is not "in" love with me; therefore, it seems, he feels the need to treat me like I don't exist. Perhaps this is something to do with the presence of his girlfriend, who he loves but always seems miserable with. This situation of awkward desperation and pathetic desire is, I expect, rather normal. I hoped that I could tell the person lying beside me in bed that you are beautiful and I expect nothing from you that you are not willing to offer me, but this is not enough because there is expectation and hope everywhere; even in a love that appears to be airtight, this gas will seep in. I don't yet know why love must be so painful. I do however know that pure love really is unconditional and the object must really be accepted completely and nothing can be expected or desired of them. They must simply be loved.