Naked and spectacular

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Strip Ourselves

I am barren with desolation.
My life is a well of emptiness with a ladder that I choose not to climb up and out of.
I am trapped in my own assumptions and conveniences.
Pity me not, but love me and desire me and invite me to foreign paradises.
Become a yearning throbbing genital of the earth and draw me in, become my lover or my confidant, exist with me in the most intense sobriety of presence.
Cry with me, become pathetic, sob into my warm body and slap me 'til I sob too.
Let our naked bodies feel exposed and safe together, let our genitals meet in calm acceptance.
And then we shall dive into the ocean and she shall take us as we are and strip us of our pretensions.
We do not enter her with togs or with surfboards to hide from her or conquer her, we allow her salty goodness to refresh us and deposit us in a sandy sunny world not entirely the same as the one we dived in from.
And then we burn our hair and our clothes in a fire of driftwood and we no longer subscribe to the shame and personality that have obscured our power most of our lives.
I am naked beneath my clothes and I am a real living human being beneath my culture.
I am hot-blooded, breathing and desiring, weeping alone and overwhelmed with the beauty of a veiled humanity before me.
I cannot rave at the masses because my sanity holds me back almost as much as my fear of arrest.
I am the masses and I am listening carefully for the secret to unlock my life from the profane time adulthood has thrust upon me.
I remember sacred time from childhood, and I have rediscovered it in the wild, in the pure wilderness of earth, in the wildman in my body and in the purity of my fellows.
How can I tell you I want to eat you without appearing as a sexual predator?
How can I tell the world I want to be eaten when I am so comfortably marginalised by my comfy social democracy?

I transform the moment I am experiencing into the eternity we all deserve.  I reject the historical crisis we have talked ourselves into as I reject the culture that has structured this conversation.  Time begins anew whenever we choose, when we celebrate the New Year, when we submit to the ocean, when we strip ourselves and walk out into the night.


Free the Earth Day

I need some feedback on an idea, my friends.  I have a potential solution to some of the many problems which face us as a global community.  I wouldn't even consider this a possibility if I hadn't personally witnessed the global communication and coordination that made Occupy occur simultaneously in 1600 cities in 80 countries around the world.

My idea is that simultaneously all around the world many people, on the same day, stop paying rent and stop paying their mortgage.  That we all declare that from today onwards our home is ours and that we no longer have to pay to live on the planet that we were born on.

The primary benefits, as I see it, are that economic disparity would be drastically leveled, the global economy would be severely damaged and many people would not only have a significant financial burden lifted, but would be able to actively pursue an increasingly money-free life from the base of having a secure home.

What do people I think?  I am curious both about what you think the consequences would be, and how this could become a succinct meme to be successful on a global stage.  The best meme structure I have so far constructed - I'm sure we can do better - is Free the Earth Day.  "From this day on the earth is free and we don't have to pay to live here anymore."

Feedback, my friends!