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Terence McKenna

Two links that could change your life or explain a lot.  Here are many audio files to be downloaded and listened to at your leisure, talks by Terence McKenna.

Terence McKenna is a great artist and his art is to speak.

He speaks a lot about psychedelics, how they disolve boundaries; but to listen to the best of his talks is to have a psychedelic experience, to watch as more boundaries dissolve than you thought was possible.  For me it is exciting to see my petty comforts dissolve and watch as the vast landscape begins to appear to me.
This is the podcast, Psychedelic Salon, that introduced me to the linguistic fluidity and profundity of Terence McKenna.  There is also hundreds of others podcasts on psychedelics, freedom of thought and other topics that promote the development of human life.
"Nature is the centre of the mandala."  This is the best of the many Terence McKenna talks I have listened to.  He cuts to the core of the modern urban digitised human condition.
This is also first-class Terence McKenna.  He goes through his theory of human evolution in relation to psylocibin mushrooms.

I guess listening to some of this stuff as I spent days wandering the beaches of Sydney changed the way I see the world forever.  There is the risk that everything will change for you as a result of listening to material that does not distract you from reality but actually confronts you with it and many of its strangest implications.
Another archive of McKenna audio material I have found.