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God, do you want it?

Should I remove it for you?

Why must I pull it back to clean beneath every morn?

God, take my foreskin and give me offspring.

One son who will spawn great nations without a single foreskin.

He who has a foreskin deserves to die with the rest of his Sodomic civilisation.

Death to Sodom and its homosexual foreskins!

Death to the tight-lipped women of Sodom!

Death to the aborted sperm lying in city streets and dripping from shitty arseholes!

God instructed me to send my bare-knobbed heroes to slaughter your race.

You must die for we must inhabit your land.

In the name of our god, Yahweh, who's real when your god is not,

I order you to flee in pathetic foreskinned terror

Only so we can meet you on the other side and genocide the rocks from your sacks.

No more begetting we'll be letting.

Pretty soon you'll be begotten

by history

by Yahweh

and by all the other untrue gods of this land that our god promised us in return for a small, soft flap of man.

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