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A lucky man

Two people could never be as happy as we are at this moment.  We are the entire universe, my friend.  This is all it is and we both know it.  I don't think anything better could possibly happen to me but of this I am not sure.  When the time comes I will be a better person than that.  I know it.  I wish I could help all those people out there but really I want to help myself but I'm not going to I'm going to help them.  They are so sad and pathetic that I am starting to feel sad and pathetic putting all my energy into focusing on them.  I could get drunk tonight, I know.  I could find friends through my drunkenness, then at least I will be safe from all those hateful people in the world I am desperately trying to make contact with.  Everything ends, I know, but I am not sure I want this feeling of alienation to end yet.  Maybe I am, I guess I will find out when I realise I have made a decision and taken an action that has ended my alienation.  I'm a lucky man.

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