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Immanentize the eschaton, please

I will continue to tell you that the end is nigh because this is my job.  I am a prophet and a wordsmith.  As a prophet I smell something in the air and have no desire to deny the reality of my perceptions.  As a wordsmith I utilise irony and suggest through exaggeration that you don't believe me about all this apocalypse shit cos it's all a joke.  I use puns and undermine myself by saying the end is night, no no no, the end is night.  Of course the end is night.

When the sun goes down and it gets dark everybody knows that it gets cold and everybody knows that's when the freaks come out, that's when things really get dangerous.  We all know the world is a dangerous place and at any moment someone could attack you and at night this is almost certain.  Because the night is nigh and the end is night.  When you see that red glow in the sky that you have always associated with the setting sun you will realise that this time the tones are different and this time that red sky symbolises everything you desperately cling to in your pathetic life burning in front of your face and you standing there with a single glass of water wondering whether you should futilely pour the water on the raging fire or drink the precious liquid and enrich your body.  This is the moment when you decide what is really important to you.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life and those old cliches are so comforting maybe they even contain some degree of truth.  But then I realise their truth is entirely bound up in their ability to comfort me and nothing else matters and nothing else holds any meaning, certainly not the symbols on this screen that I use to feel better about my life, these collections of symbols I present in a way that makes me feel productive, like I matter in this world when really I know that I matter more than anyone cos after the end has come none of this will matter.

Now I speak as the prophet and tell you that everything will collapse and nothing will remain and you will finally understand so many things you did not could not chose not to before because all the illusion will vanish and all we will have left is a reality to share, an environment in which to live together and an abundance of life and love to do something with.  Perhaps we will spend another 100,000 years developing a lovely Christian capitalist democratic society with antidepressants and polystyrene or maybe we will do something else. 

All I know, and as the prophet I really do know, and as the wordsmith I am just typing in hope and faith, eternity is not such a long time.  I also know that as things intensify around here you will notice one of two things happening to you and this is very important to observe.  You will notice that everything either gets a lot funnier or much more serious, and the rate of increase is exponential. 

If you find things getting funnier you are on the right track, don't worry about it.  You already realise that everything that is created will soon be destroyed; you already know that so much of it is illusion and reality is so much more simple and nice than all this hysteria suggests.  You're noticing that silence and space and presence and peace is imbued always with a subtle powerful energy that can only be described as love.  Forgive the restrictions of the English language but if we had a better word for that which I am referring to as "love" it would certainly go a little further to destroying this precious energy that preferably is not even thought about, just experienced and appreciated.

If you find things are getting more serious, that is not a good sign.  I'm sorry to say that this is a strong indication that things are just going to get worse. Chaos will increase, you will lose control and understanding, you will be distraught, you will lose everything that matters to you.  You might as well start panicking now because this is a serious situation and you are going to be the victim as it gets worse and worse as we all head straight to the point of annihilation.  And after annihilation, nothing.  Existence will cease and there will be nothing.  I know you're afraid, you should be, but more importantly, be suspicious, do not trust anyone, and keep your passport and all your money in a small bag inside your clothes against your person at all times.  The world is going to destroy you.  Do not accept it.  Fight.  Do not die.  It will not be okay.

Either way, whichever category you find yourself fitting into over the next few months, things are going to change and intensify around here.  Maybe you will enjoy it and accept it; maybe you will worry and resist.  But I guarantee you will die.  I will die.  The internet will die.  Bill Gates and Elvis Presley will die.  The global economy and Western Civilisation will die.  Christianity and Islam will die.  The English language will die.  All the whales will die.  All humans will die.  My words will be forgotten.  Your gravestone will rot like a tomato in the sun and no one will remember your name.  Your ego will disintegrate and your worries will cease to exist.  Coffee will cease to exist and television will cease to exist.  One day you will go to work for the last time and all the data you have entered will be wiped and there will be nobody around to care or even notice.  Everything you memorised for school will rot into the earth with the fat of your brain and even the dirt itself will rot, into what I do not know.

I do not know because my role as prophet is to stand proudly with the confidence of my ignorance and so that's why my writing makes no logical sense.  My role as prophet is to stand in the strength of my vulnerability and the power of my simple faith.  I will lead you when the time comes, rest assured I will be ready when I am needed.  You won't know I'm leading you, but I will provide the guidance.  And there is one of you reading this who will help me.  You know who you are.  Of course most people are inactive and inadequate, but you too will be ready when the time comes and we will be the invisible leaders of the new dimension.  In our humble confidence we will secure all survivors with the simplicity of our faith in reality.

Reality will be my god and miracles will abound.  Now is the time.

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