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The Gospel According to John 1:1-27; a translation for those who share my cultural and linguistic paradigm

In the beginning was language
and with the language is God
and the language is a god.

Language created all forms, no form was created without language.

In creation was life; and creation is the light of humanity.

And the light of creation shines in the darkness of the void;
and the darkness does not understand.

And creation spoke through the human form.

Humanity came to experience life,
to create form,
that all life might be manifest in form.

Humanity is not that form,
humanity experiences form.

Creation is the light of humanity
and everyone is a creator.

Humanity identified with language,
language was spoken by humanity,
but humanity did not recognise its own voice.


Creation speaks,
but humanity disregards what it hears.

Those who listen receive the power of creation
because they understand that they are not the form,
they are not the created,
they are the creator.

Language creates
and we live in its creation.
We can see the aura of form,
the aural rhythm emanating from language,
its beauty and its honesty.

We experience the voice, that which emanates,
and we announce,
This is the source of which we spoke;
that which endures our form is compelling
because it also preceded our form.

In the revelation of this experience we receive the strength and inspiration to create.

Much has been created before us, but nothing compares to the truth and beauty inside of us.


No one has seen the truth of reality.
Within our form we are imminent in the womb of the creator,
we have been declared.

The believers come and ask,
"Who are you?"
"I am not the messiah."
"Are you Elijah?"
"I am not."
"Are you the prophet?"
"Who are you then?  We cannot return without an answer."

"I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness.
Open up the gates for the way of God,
as you claim you have always intended."

They are believers who ask,
"Why speak then, if you are not the prophet?"

"I speak merely with the language of my birth;
but there is a truth amongst you which cannot be spoken.
It will endure and it has preceded.
I can barely insinuate a single detail of its vastness."


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