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Everything we hope for in this world is futile.  It is the pathetic lamentations of a consciousness with no power.  The consciousness is miserable, useless, trapped in the thoughts of a transcendent terrestrial being like a demon trapped in a shrieking pig.  We curse it and it pains us but we continue to live together in mutual torture.

The consciousness just wants to exist while we just want to get on with our lives.  It wants to control.  It wants to control us and it wants to control the world.  It is every evil cartoon character who wants to rule the world.  In its desperation to exist it creates the ego and like a blanket thrown over a sleeping body, the ego shrouds, protects and contains us.  It buffers us from the world via an an artificial construction that is not us.  The ego tries to control the world through governments and corporations who do not respect life on this planet because they are not life on this planet.  They do not exist and they hate us, the living, those who truly exist. 

We exist in many bodies in many parallel worlds, but the consciousness is just a series of thoughts.  It is not a thinker, it is a habitual pattern of thought behaviour that we perpetuate with our bodies.  We exist materially, in our bodies made of earth and water, and we exist in other bodies. We have a mind, a subconscious, that is in psychic (non-local) connection with all mind.  Together we create reality through our behaviour, all life on this planet contributing to perfectly manifest exactly what exists.  Meanwhile, perhaps peculiar to us humans (I don't know) the consciousness chatters in our head uselessly, undermining our behaviour, criticising us, disturbing us with uncertainty and anxiety that affects our body's ability to function.

Our consciousness is not our brain, nor is it our spirit or soul, it is a habit.  We humans possess an unlikely ability to think in a highly complex manner.  Like a dog chasing his own tail, we are often fooled by ourselves.  This particular ability, to think, over the generations, and now more than ever, is out of control.  While, like all other terrestrial beings, our bodies tell us everything we need to know about the world via pain, beauty, emotion, hunger, and perception, we are fooled by our thoughts into behaviour that is not beneficial for us or conducive to life on this planet.  We have rationalised this habitual mode of behaviour as "rational thinking", when it fits into the accepted and expected framework of the intellectual and academic world, or we label it "schizophrenia" when it is evident in an individual in a manner that does not reinforce the cultural status quo. 

Our consciousness is so desperate to exist that it has hijacked our organism for its own purpose.  It is creating on our planet a world of abstraction, a world ruled not by gods or spirits or the laws of physics or love, but a world ruled by economies, laws, belief systems and contracts.  It is a world in which humans do not live within communities, tribes, families or loving relationships, but within institutions, nation-states, households and legal marriages.  We feel outside this world, though we create an ego, a personality, a career and a legal name to function within it.  We hide together with those we can trust and we get naked, we make love, we laugh and we dance.  In the abstract world, in the city, in the office, in the classroom, we do not.

Our consciousness is so desperate to exist that it has covered the Earth in cities, yet it still does not exist.  It tries to control the behaviour of the beings on this planet with walls and fences, with clothing and leashes, with law and law enforcement personnel, but life is not contained or controlled.  Consciousness created clocks so we would always be busy, it created concrete to disconnect us from nature and it create shame so we wouldn't look each other in the eye, therefore trying, futilely, in vain, to disconnect us from the moments in which we quietly and easily return to our true nature, meditative and at peace.  Whenever we fall asleep our consciousness is entirely powerless and so it has created electrical lighting and 24 hour cities, social culture has moved almost entirely into the night, but still consciousness has failed to eliminate sleep and the worlds that are available to us via dreaming. 

We blame the politicians, the corporate CEOs, the rich, the poor, the terrorists, the one percent, the religious, the atheistic, the Muslims, the Jews, the criminals, Satan, but it is us.  We are the consciousness.  We are not the consciousness, the consciousness is a habitual behaviour, it does not exist, it is our habitual behaviour, we use it to create civilisation and war.  It is our fault. 

My consciousness is so desperate to exist that we have created this text for you to read.

Like God in Genesis 1, we speak this institutional world into existence.  We have incredible powers of language that we do not understand.  Like that which we call "dreaming", that which we call "languaging" is not a single behaviour, but many behaviours.  We falsely divide language into fiction and nonfiction, or existent and nonexistent.  We further divide nonfiction into lies and telling-the-truth.  This is not the way I experience language. 

A language is a set of agreed upon symbols that correspond to a set of agreed upon things.  If you do not know the particular language, it means nothing to you; if you do not know the corresponding thing the language refers to, it means nothing.  The illusion, carried by religion and now passed on to science, is that language can contain reality, or "truth", that it can represent what "is".  There is no reason for us to believe this is possible.

However, we continue to speak things into existence and we continue to destroy things with our speech.  We rave about something we are passionate about and we spark off in the listener an exciting idea of their own.  We confront a grievance that lingers heavy in the air between us and another human and thus we diffuse it and destroy it.  Language is true when it resonates in our bodies, it is false when it resonates in our bodies.  We have the ability, as complex as our language, to understand the different ways in which language resonates through our bodies, thus we know when the yelling swearing person is angry and when they are being silly and we respond entirely differently to the same words.  We sit in a theatre watching a play and we enjoy a full emotional response to the play without worrying about the reality of the drama; like all language, it is language and nothing more.  Our consciousness enjoys it and we enjoy our consciousness being placated for a while with a safe dose of drama.  For a moment we can relax, rock our consciousness to sleep, smile with our friends and fall away from each others' arms into one of the many worlds of dream.

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