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Gracias, familia

Chris Kirk
11 October

Thank you to everyone around the world, in other worlds, who has loved me, who has touched me, who has looked at me and talked with me, slept with me, shared a home with me, appreciated me when I'm pathetic, appreciated me when I am ecstatic, sang with me, danced with me, especially naked, especially in the rain, who has wrestled with me on the lawn, who has licked my wounds, who has grown on my windowsill and reached out to the sun, who has nourished me and kissed me.

Thank you to all of you have revealed your beauty to me, to all of you have seen my beauty.

Thank you to my home on the hill and everyone who has been born or died here with me.

Thank you to the mother from whom I emerged, in whose womb I lived in for nine months and whose loving home I lived in for 18 years; whose breast I drew milk from; whose nurturing love I drew confidence from.

All those warm nights of snuggling.
All those friends, come and gone.

Nothing is more important in my life than the beings I share my life with, especially those peculiar human beings who I'm so fond of. Sometimes they break through it all and we are present together. I am ready for you friends, family, lovers. Come to me now, I am here and I always will be until I go and then I'll be gone forever.

Beautiful words Chris

Chris Kirk
My love is my hope, my guide, my meaning and my purpose.

Love you chris

Yes Chris! good stuff, I love the synchronicity of this connected world, the friendships that forge, and the paths of our lives. Quite incredible, come join your family in Tasmania

Thank you for your gifted being co love you xox

Piggies wiggly piggy loveeeee

I love this

love u beautiful      

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