Naked and spectacular

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the moment when the vast open night sky tempts me back into life

When I wake up
I don’t know who I will be.
I do my best
to breathe calmly.
When I breathe and listen carefully
I notice
I do not fear anything.
and then I hear
life call out to me.
It is faint at first,
I dismiss it.
I step outside
to the aliveness
of sunshine on my skin,
or the delicacy
of a misty rain,
or the harsh chill
of a cold wind.
In that moment
I know
I can go inside
and I will feel nothing.
I feel the fear.
I listen, quietly, patiently.
I fear
I will say no to life.
I fear the corrupt self
who lures me inside the house
with disparaging slogans
gleaned from my inadequacy.
I close my eyes
and open them.
The universe surrounds me
in every direction.
The vast sky and earth
do not overwhelm me
because I know my limits,
I accept the possible.
I step forward,
the space yields
to accommodate me.
I can move,
I can act,
the limitations are conceivable.
I encounter another human being.
I choose,
in this moment,
how we will communicate.
I am entirely naked,
I am vulnerable,
I am totally within my strength.
I have no boundaries.
I allow you to move towards me
in love
in desire
with respect.
I do not fear your truth,
I am not ashamed of my own.
I feel your beauty
throughout my body.
I want to merge with you
emotionally, sexually, intellectually, culturally,
I want to know what that feels like.
I want to re-emerge
and know what that feels like.
I am merely an entity
temporarily incarnate
in this body,
in this place,
in this moment.
I cannot act
other than my nature.
I lay myself
in the bed I have prepared.
I dream pasts, presents, futures.
I wake,
hear again,
of the unmanifest certainty
of the universe
I have dreamed into.

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