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Perfect Mathematical Symbols

The mythology of our culture is that we are special in an unprecedented way; we have finally attained the rosetta stone, the ark of the covenant, the holy grail, the knowledge of good and evil, objective science.  We look back in pity at the civilisations of the past; theistic, superstitious, foolishly believing that their peculiar mythologies held any weight in the absoluteness of reality.

We believe we are very lucky to be alive right now.  We are secular, we are educated, we no longer believe in the futile mysteries and rituals of the past that seemed to separate people from the banal mundanity of reality, that which we find so undeniable and boring.

We understand that we can look back on the past with objective processes and make pretty good judgements in our ignorance of what fits into each of the grand poles of our sacred binary, true and false.  We can categorise all literature into fiction and non-fiction, as if some words contain perfect holographic pieces of reality and others are merely fantasies of the human mind.

We know intuitively what language is and how to experience it.  We go into a theatre and sit down; the lights go down, the lights come up, and we totally identify with the world displayed before us, we have a full emotional and intellectual response, remaining aware that it is theatre.  The lights go down, the lights come up and we resume our lives, having neither rejected nor been deluded by the play.  We are moved or inspired, we integrate the language of the play into an understanding that is the basis of our universe.

The universe is as we imagine it to be.  That is why we call the arbitrary constructs of our bureaucratic institutions the "Real World"; whereas to create a life in the wilderness, serving and depending upon the processes of nature, is to live in our own personal fantasy.

This is the world demanded of us by the Reptilians, by the One Percent, the world we consent to whenever we send our children to school.  The world of the ages, of mythology, of magic, of mystery, of entities and astral dimensions, of divinity and sacredness, has been proven to be a self-delusion.  It's not true and it never has been true.  All past humans were ignorant and only now are we on track.  We know we don't know anything, but at least we know what we don't know now.

At least we can completely shroud our lives in information and entertainment until we don't have to experience them anymore.  At least we can capture reality, from the atomic to the astral, in perfect mathematical symbols.  Those symbols may be too complex for us to understand, but it's nice to know someone understands them and can thus hand down the tablets of reality from the holy mountain of the laboratory.

One day, we hope, all of reality will be contained in perfect mathematical metaphors, all mystery will be explained away.  Safe from ambiguity in our perfect world, all the jargon of science will have trickled down into common language.  The world will make sense.  We will be perfectly conscious of our irrelevance, we will have become provable abstractions, no longer succumbing to subjective experience, no longer experiencing the world at all, no longer merely human, the perfect world conforming to our perfect models.

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Anonymous said...

Love it! Enjoying your satire and appreciate the truth you've conveyed in this mode. Just about to read Bernardo Kastrop's 'Why Materialism is Baloney'.