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Imagine being here right now

2010 is on its last quarter and who could have predicted such a year of intense change and novelty.  Who would have thought that the world would so intensify and speed up as it has done?  Who would have thought that the whole world would just open up as it did?  Is it just me?  Was this an entirely subjective experience?  Was I simply sensitive enough to experience it?  Did I happen to place myself in situations in which I was able to notice it and respond to it?  Whatever the answer, this year has opened up our world in a way that was inconceivable even 12 months ago.  What are the consequences of this new world we live in?  Anything is possible, as always, but the sphere of possibility has expanded and more people are dropping the comfort and illusory security of their accumulations to explore and share this sphere with the other forms of life who happen to be present.  There are mild forms of organisation which bring many people together temporarily to intensely experience this new direction and there are many friendships in which the same thing can happen on a smaller scale.  It is possible that a friend or two visiting your home and your life allows the possibility of a small-scale festival of joy.  I can't think of anything better to celebrate than joy.  I can't imagine anything better to pursue than friendship and the love embedded in it and the profound beauty in every atom of these beings who share this friendship with me.  Perhaps it is only possible to ramble about something so indefinable.  Perhaps something beyond language cannot be talked about and any attempt to do so is destructive.  Perhaps something that is not present in this physical dimension cannot be talked about in our physical language despite being so strongly experienced by these physical beings called humans who are so dependent on this language that tends to limit us to what we already know and therefore already have a word for.  It is hard to share something new when first the word must be created, learned and published in the dictionary.

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