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That day

Inspired by Terence McKenna's Novelty Theory.  After watching a YouTube video of McKenna with Lauren in 2008 I wrote this from my notes in 2009.

 "...And on that day..."
 His voice trailed off because no mind could know but only speculate
 and speculation is as rain thrashing against and dripping down a window pane.
 Truth in the desired form was inconceivable
 and therefore useless to these brain worshippers;
 but in regards the past, comprehension could be achieved with great difficulty.

 The year begins in confusion and apprehension,
 fear continues to rise as the institutions of government and economy crumble into chaos.
 Fear becomes anger and anger becomes hatred and hatred becomes violence in the utmost throes of fear,
 and soon the the cracked streets are strewn with bodies;
 the survivors are those who stare death in the face and do not blink.
 After this mass bloodshed there can be no mourning
 because the world merely took a long overdue shower and washed away her musty stink.
 A new day is declared and the refreshing scent of global peace drifts idly through the air like pollen in early spring
 and life continues and beauty gives birth to itself exponentially;
 and the illusion of perfect is so strong that peace is complete and perfection approximated;
 and all the love of all life on Earth combines to transform their planet into a glowing orb of beauty incomprehensible and indescribable.
 The Earth rises, glowing more brightly than the sun and illuminating the whole barren universe
 and the entire universe glows with the illumination of the love of all life on Earth
 and water breaks forth from the depths of the most desolate planets and life and love spread throughout an infinite universe
 and the sun and all his fellow stars grow extra bright to accommodate this new life
 and as the stars grow brighter so does the light of love intensify and this beauty that can never again be corrupted by fear becomes a throbbing intensifying mass emanating light and love to every corner of the universe
 and soon the stars, in their utter folly, grow so hot, and the planets around them in unison,
 that matter cannot sustain what it has developed.

 For those who experienced this event it felt merely like an exponential brightening of a light that climaxed as a blinding glare that permeated every atom and obliterated the entire physical universe in one painless moment
 and it was as pleasant and unconscious as a drift into sleep
 and the night of this sleep was long and images appeared and shifted
 and all life experienced differently old images and emotions they thought had been forever lost
 and all that had died returned
 and no one thought it strange.
 In fact no one though much at all, they merely glided through their images and emotions, briefly touching each other and drifting away, as if in a dream;
 and at one moment, in the midst of dream, a single entity realised that this is a dream and we are all asleep together forever
 and from this entity, like the ripples in a pool of water, this awareness spread through everything
 and it was a dream and therefore they could do anything and so they took to the air and flew their fill
 and then they embraced
 and all life embraced all life
 and it was a dream and matter did not exist
 and form entered form and love possessed love fully and equally
 and love was generosity and abundance
 and universal harmony focussed and condensed and compressed to one tiny pinprick of consciousness
 and this point became smaller and denser until all existence was so intensely focussed in on itself that it imploded once, with such ferocity that all the surrounding nothingness was sucked into a void
 and for a moment there was stillness and silence.

 But there was a big bang from the depths of the void
 and that big bang let there be light
 and there was light.

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