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Fake fake people

I saw a real person on the beach this morning.  I go running there every morning, have done for weeks, and finally today I met another real person.  He was barefoot, he had joy in his eyes and he acknowledged me.  He ran on by and I was surprised at my surprise.  It made me realise how fake all these other people are with their designer running gear and their vacant expressions.

How is it possible that they are so fake? I continued to wonder.  Even if they are some sort of technology, such as robots, they will be made by human intelligence and human intelligence is surely of this world and therefore natural.  If they are truly fake as they appear to be they must be from elsewhere; some other planet or some other dimension.  This seems to me exceedingly unlikely.  I continued to speculate as I ran along the concrete paths under the gray clouds and decided they must be fake fake people.

How is it that a race of fake fake people come into being?  What strange evolutionary mutation causes this to happen?  I suppose it can't happen without the abstraction of language, at least to define the word "fake"; also required is an observing entity with sufficient intelligence, education, alienation and leisure to make such an observation.  This is all I really know, the rest is speculation.

I am in a relationship of some sort with a man who is randomly violent.  We were sitting in a restaurant and he asked me to place my hands on the table.  I did so and he proceeded to stab me with a pen knife.  When I tried to leave he stabbed me twice in the thigh.  Actually we're not exactly in a relationship, though we do have a degree of affection for one another.  I refer to him as my boyfriend when he's not around to those who are unlikely to come in contact with him but really he would never call himself my boyfriend.  He told me he loves me and usually we sleep together but we never hold each other through the night.  He likes to be fucked and I'm happy to oblige.  When we meet someone new he blushes and doesn't know how to behave; usually he is obnoxious with occasional violence, but once someone is committed he is very loyal.  I love him very much and accept his attacks because he likes to be fucked and cut.  I think he's a genius but I don't yet know how this is going to manifest.  He is 19 years old.


Ten Thousand Winds said...

I have a gayfriend who is a taxi driver. He's also a recovering alcoholic. His boyfriend drinks and is reckless, he puts up with this behavior for the sex.

Chris Kirk said...

We all need to physically express our love, some people express themselves violently. What pain or trauma causes someone to express love in such a way?

Dua F said...

Thanks grreat post