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I am prepared to die

Now is the time for us to make revolution.
What a boring old-fashioned message.
Nothing will ever change.
Nationalism has failed us.
The Government will not save us.
The United States has collapsed.
The End Of The World has already happened.
Those of us who did not notice were presumably watching TV or wandering the shopping malls and the stupormarkets.
Every revolution that has preceded us has been entirely successful at bringing us to this moment.
The revolution only seems to fail because every time we attempt to project our ideologies onto reality we are faced with the contradictory nature of reality.
When we look at the world, all we see is the world.  One day, we hope, we will see the world we see in our head.
This day will never come.
Thank God/dess that every ideological revolution has failed.
Even the revolutions that have failed have caused great violence in our precious world.
The United States of America is supposed to be the revolution of modern industrial democracy.  It is a mistake that we, as a species, must repent and resolve.
There are no real barriers to the beginnings of sanity on this planet, only our own feelings of inadequacy.
"I don't deserve love because I am a naughty boy with perverse thoughts."
Therefore I will run for President of the World.
I have the perfect idea in my head of how the world should be and I intend to impose this perfect idea on the problematic reality of a chaotic world through the organisation and force of some institution, centuries old, brand new, revolutionary, conservative, secure, morally perfect.
We have created The Law, which we acknowledge does not exist but we promise we will enforce it as if it does exist.
We are prepared to use the violence that you are unwilling to carry out in the sanity of your loving homes.
We will require some of you to step out of your apathetic pajamas and into uniforms appropriate for the task of suppression of dissent.
We hate with the utmost love.  Please, love us with the hate of your ability to make a living at the expense of others.
When I die, I will be remembered as a hard worker, working hard to make other species extinct.
We've had a lot of revolutions, a lot of extinctions, a handful of apocalypses, wars to end all wars, and the trajectory of human development is a progressive genocide of all races on the planet in favour of Indo-European people.
Nothing will stop us from doing what we're not quite sure what it is yet.
The most advanced species on this planet is telling you to not panic and to remain within the realm of the culture you grew up in.
You are either a member of the correct, dominant culture, or your culture will be violently removed in as humane a manner as possible at the correct moment, with or without the desperation of your retaliation.
China does not exist.
The American Flag is the greatest religious symbol of our age, followed by the Coca-Cola Ribbon and the McDonald's M.
The world is not divided between Christianity and Islam or between Democracy and Communism.  The world is divided between Coca-Cola and Pepsi.
This was clear to me when I rode the bus through the highways of Guatemala and Mexico.  Every tiny poor village has a tienda and every tienda sells junkfood to the poor locals who really don't need money and every tienda is decorated with either a Coca-Cola or Pepsi logo.
One day all the world will be free and everyone will have the money to pay for carbonated soft drink.
Nothing you do will make any difference.
I disagree, I can make change.
When I quite smoking I intend to start dancing.
I intend to set up a huge organisation to stop corruption in Government and Industry.
I stopped paying rent when I was 24 years old.  I stopped paying for food when I was 26 years old.  Now, I feel utter repulsion at the thought of paying money to live.
I can hear your logical justification for paying money to live and I hear the gas released from your anus.  In both cases I heard you and I empathise with your difficulty in releasing the ideas and foods you have consumed.  I wish you all the best in your internal cleanse.
I contradict the ideologies of the culture I was raised to serve as I reject the poisons that were advertised at me.
I reject McDonald's and Coca-Cola and all the less-successful advertising campaigns disguised as food.
I reject heterosexual monogamy and every new sexual permutation devised to define the perversity and love emanating from my soul.
I reject the fools in uniforms who tell me that this food isn't mine, that I must pay before I can bring it home and share it.
I am only an animal of Planet Earth, I cannot be anything that I am not.
I cannot be a Capitalist, regardless of how much I am educated in its normality.  
I will always be an animal.
I will die an animal as I was born an animal, from my mother's womb.
I am the result of the loving coitus of my parents and I have grown up in this world largely because of the sustained love of the people around me.
It is not food or money that has kept me alive, but love.  If there was no other way to die from lack of love, I would have killed myself by now.
I have never gone hungry nor lacked warmth and shelter.  I have never lacked the love of my family, my friends and my tribe.
It is this network of love that makes life worth living and it is the strength of this love that makes things happen.
Everything I do is the result of the strength of love in my heart, in my body and in my life; because I have been loved and because I do love.
The ideologies and religions that impede us exist only in our fluffy minds.  They define our behaviour as long as we allow them to define our behaviour.
The institutions and laws that impede us exist only in our fluffy minds.  When we cease to dedicate our lives to their perpetuation they cease to exist and the people and resources that constitute these institutions can instantly be used to promote the cause of life on this planet.
I am not scared of pain or death.  I am not afraid that I will go to Hell or go to Prison.  My God/dess will not dessert me and s/he does not need to exist to be constantly in my heart.
Everyone who loves me will stand beside my grave as my naked body is lowered into the naked grave within which I will nourish the soil that has always nourished me.
Nothing will stop me from fully experiencing the life into which I was born.
There is no substitute for love, passion, beauty, pain and great death.

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