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A Gentle Creature [2017] by Sergey Loznitsa

A Gentle Creature is a bleak foray into the hopelessness of Russian bureaucracy and meanness.

The protagonist is like a camera, a naive participant being passively led deeper into a world that has nothing for her at best and will destroy her as easily as they will ignore her.

Universally repugnant characters dismiss any lingering mystique about the brotherhood of the Russian Revolution. There is nothing left but futility and corruption and a bit of surrealism if you're lucky. 
But this is what some of us crave in our cinema, a harrowing experience of some of the real pain going on in the world to break down all the illusions we futilely use to protect us from reality. Sometimes nothing is more depressing than a fake-happy movie that you can't quite believe in and that leaves you feeling hollow.

I would recommend Loveless over this as the latest cinematic depiction of the soullessness of modern Russian society, but I also cannot dismiss the determination and dignity of this film.

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